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Xamarin Development

Xamarin’s mobile lifecycle products are best-in-class. They are the most demanding solution today for developing cross-platform native apps. At rajasri Infotech, we develop amazing cross-platform native apps for Android, iOS, and Windows with a C# code base leveraging Xamarin. You’ll see an ultimate difference in both your user satisfaction and your bottom line. If you want to reach a wider user base with standard native mobile experience, Xamarin app development is the perfect solution. If you choose Xamarin, it will definitely be a maximum return on investment. The beauty of Xamarin is that you can create a single code and re-use the code for building apps across different device platforms. Our dedicated, skill-filled Xamarin app development team will help you develop the most sought-after Xamarin app from strategy to development.

  • Xamarin follows the rule of write-once-run-everywhere coding for three major mobile platforms: Windows, Android and iOS.
  • Xamarin provides perfect look and feel of any given platform’s native UI with superb functionality and native app performance.
  • No need to deploy separate teams for developing app for multiple platforms, which saves both manpower and money
  • Xamarin Component Store allows adding the controls, web service APIs and more top-quality components to your app directly from your IDE, which increases your app performance to a large extent
  • Over 40 controls and layouts that Xamarin.Forms include can be mapped to native controls at runtime
  • Other advantages of Xamarin App Development include Amazing UI with Pre-fabricated UI controls, C#-shared codebase, support for Visual Studio development and opportunity to connect with Microsoft’s Azure services

rajasri Infotech is a Deloitte award-winning Xamarin app development company in India (Hyderabad) and USA (California). If you are looking forward to hire experienced Xamarin Mobile app Developers, then we can be your desired partner. Our dedicated team of Xamarin developers have proven experience and in-depth knowledge of Xamarin technology and hence, they can work efficiently on your project. They achieved international recognition for their excellency in Xamarin app development. The same team will work for your project. This is what differentiates rajasri Infotech from other Xamarin app development companies in USA and India.