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Innovation is Our Passion, Healthcare Innovation is Our Versatility. We collaborate with healthcare organizations to harness the power of front-line digital technologies – mobile, wearables, Internet of Things and cloud computing. We believe this will enable them to stay ahead of the competition. We deliver high-impact solutions that take care of everyone, who are a part of healthcare.

Our healthcare solutions are according-to-requirement, which help healthcare organizations to improve patient flow, enhance successful treatment outputs, and increase revenue and productivity. Also, most importantly, to find out new models of healthcare delivery to empower them to lead the industry.

Like customer is the real asset of any business, the increased patients’ trust increases any healthcare organization’s reputation. Even a small delay or unwariness can lead to fatal failures and demolish hardly earned reputation.

Our mobility solutions are not just as a remedy to reduce fatal failures, it also help healthcare organizations improve physician referrals and patient engagement, manage hospital assets and tracking, and administrate medication.

We deliver tailor-made healthcare solutions that are mobile-centric, developed with keeping future-technologies in mind like wearables, IoT and cloud computing. (For information, the healthcare industry is expected to be the highest utilizer of wearable technology in the coming years).

Our healthcare mobility solutions also work as a tool for easier physicians rounding, enhance employee productivity, reduce health & safety issues and manage medical transcription, outpatient care, indoor positioning, patient education and radiation therapy.

We at Rajasri Infotech, are an award winning web, mobility company, empowering businesses of all sorts and sizes worldwide to achieve their goals of becoming the highest utilizer of present and future technologies. We help them accomplish their dreams with result-oriented mobile app development and mobility solutions for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry platforms.