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Human beings are social by nature. Likewise, businesses are becoming more social now a days as having strong rapport with customers and stakeholders is one of the key strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Popular social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Linked are no longer just used for only personal networking and collaboration, but also used as a fruitful way to engage customers, enhance employee productivity and stakeholders’ trust.

Social Computing is a social platform used by computer users to collaborate and interact with each other. One of the main purposes of Enterprise Social Computing is to enhance workforce productivity by achieving collaboration in the workplace and leveraging knowledge management.

Our Social Computing Solutions focus on integrating social platforms like websites, blogs, forums, podcasts and wikis into your different business systems like marketing, sales, customer support and corporate communications. This will help you gain maximum return on minimum investment across all business efforts.

  • Increase customer engagement
  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Strengthen stakeholders trust

In addition to social computing solutions, we help you implement Gamification into your existing or new enterprise mobile applications, which enable you to create productive employees. They can greatly contribute to business innovation and intelligence.

Rajasri Infotech is the industry leader of mobile, cloud and social computing. We help businesses of all sorts to leverage present and future technologies like Mobility, Social and Cloud Computing, Wearables and Internet of Things with a strategy-driven approach. We develop superior quality mobile apps and mobile games on Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry platforms. Being the best social computing solutions provider in Hyderabad, India, we enable you harness the power of social computing to engage with the customers, employees and stakeholders in innovative ways.