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We work closely with manufacturers to reduce operational costs, enhance resource utilization and achieve excellency in their field. We build forward thinking strategy to enable them to harness the power of present and future technologies like mobile, wearables, cloud, and internet of things. We believe this will help them to build a connected enterprise that facilitates information flow, real-time supply chain and manufacturing process.

Today, the biggest challenge for manufacturing companies is enhancing employee productivity. Managing the on-field service, and health and safety are the next biggest challenges that make manufacturing companies striving hard to be in the competition. Rajasri Infotech Manufacturing Mobility Solutions can be a remedy for all these most common problems.

We deliver tailor-made manufacturing solutions that are capable enough to easier workforce management and reduce health & safety issues. Our according-to-requirement solutions help you remove non-value activities, brush-up process cycle, fasten the decision-making process and sharpen response time. Let’s see how our technology-driven manufacturing mobility solution works:

• Works as a Field Service Management Solution
• Workforce Management Solution
• Health and Safety Management Solution
• Supply Chain Management Solution

We at Rajasri Infotech, are the world’s fastest growing mobility company. We have developed result-oriented mobile applications for businesses of all sorts across the world. We are equipped with industry-specific experts, who have a deep understanding of different domains, including manufacturing industry. We develop enterprise mobile applications on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows and BlackBerry platforms. Cloud computing, wearables, and internet of things are our other innovative mobility solutions that are empowering businesses to stay ahead of the competition.