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Rajasri Infotech Real Estate Mobility Solutions are developed to enable real estate and construction companies to harness the power of mobile technology, cloud computing, wearable technology and Internet of Things. This helps them in finding a right solution for real-time information flow, process efficiency, and inventory and asset management. Also, our according-to-requirement solutions help them to be proactive to industry challenges as well as to integrate operations in an efficient manner.

Our Enterprise Real Estate Mobility Solutions create an endless possibilities in real estate and construction business, which will help you to improve work processes and workforce productivity. As on-site works are very important in real estate business, we enable your employees at different project sites to access for on-site documentation with GPS enabled mobiles and wearables. As an advanced solution, we enable you in leveraging the Internet of Things technology, which fastens your business processes as well as cut down costs.

Since the customer is the real asset of any business, our customer-centric real-estate solutions build new platforms that facilitate the way of reaching, engaging and retaining customers. With easy to use and visually engaging apps, your customers can get the 360 view of your ongoing projects, finance approval status and market value. This can encourage them to take a quick decision, which results into build their loyalty as well as brand awareness.

Rajasri Infotech is the industry leader of Mobile, Social and Cloud Computing. We developed more than 1000 successful feature-rich mobile apps and games for businesses of all sorts and scales across the world, including Realtor Connect social media real estate app. Being the best real estate mobile app development company in India, we build innovative real estate mobile apps on iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry platforms.