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Travel – entertainment, Logistics – need. Rajasri Infotech understands very well what is need and what is entertainment. According to that, we build innovative travel and logistics mobility solutions to enable travel and logistics companies to find the easiest solutions for most of their complex problems.

Today, the biggest challenge for travel companies is achieving customer satisfaction and retaining them. When comes to the Logistics industry, along with meeting customer expectations, instant support and health and safety are the biggest challenges that make logistics companies striving hard to be in the competition. Rajasri Infotech’s innovative Travel and Logistics Mobility Solutions can be a remedy for all these common problems.

We work closely with travel and logistics companies to harness the power of mobile technology to achieve customer satisfaction, enhance employee productivity and heighten up brand value and revenue growth. In travel, customer service is key. Likewise, in logistics, employee productivity is crucial. Powered with a vast experience in logistics and travel industry, we develop distinct and innovative mobility solutions for travel and logistic companies. We believe this will help them to be more customer responsive and unique from competitors.

Our Tailor-made Travel Mobility Solutions help travel companies like airlines, holiday makers, hotels and vehicle rentals sharpen their work processes and employees to deliver personalized experience to their customers. This simultaneously helps in cutting costs and increasing agility as well as in building customer loyalty. Our Travel Mobility Solutions feature the following specifications:

  • Tourist Information and Ticketing Solutions
  • Airport Lounge Solutions
  • Check-in and Boarding Solutions
  • Vehicle Booking Solutions

We developed official travel applications ‘Curacao To’ for the Curacao Tourist Board and ‘Aruba To Go’ for the Aruba Tourism Authority.

As an ever growing industry, the Logistics Industry has seen a tremendous upsurge by using mobility solutions in recent years. Our result-oriented Logistics Mobility Solutions help logistic companies in following aspects:

  • Asset tracking
  • Getting real-time inventory status
  • Optimum resource management
  • Location based services
  • Boosting employee efficiency
  • Warehouse management

Rajasri Infotech is the world’s fastest growing mobility company, developing innovative travel and logistics mobile apps in India, USA and UK for all size businesses. We develop superior quality mobile apps on Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows platforms. For more info on our travel and logistics mobility solutions in India, get in touch with us at